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TRIG Data Sources

TRIG contains online data relating to the Truckee River watershed, and by clicking on a data program listed below, you will find data in one of two ways. Either 1/you will see a metadata page containing a simple query interface to view or download the data into a comma separated values (.csv) file OR 2/you will find excel spreadsheets of data as attached files. Each project has an individual date range for data contribution, and the metadata page contains dates, geographic locations, and other pertinent information. The effort to add datasets and improve the seamlessness of data is ongoing.

All data has been provided by individual agencies or groups, and all quality control reviews have been performed by those individual groups. TRIG is the tool for sharing existing content and building collective understanding of resources for the benefit of the watershed. If you have questions about QC from a particular data contributor, please contact that group directly. If you have comments from beta-testing our site, please let us know. We are always striving to improve the user-friendliness of the site, while maintaining our mission. Thank you!