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Letter to new data liasons

Hello! If you are reading this note, you are a new TRIG content liaison. You may now begin to submit documents and reports, relevant news, monitoring data, GIS data, digital images, and other content to TRIG by clicking on 'Create content' links that now appears as a menu option on the left. Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with your new abilities in this role.

People and Contacts

Please visit the TRIG contacts page. This page is only viewable by those who have TRIG accounts, and is intended to open up communication between valuable parties working with our resources. Please add yourself as a new contact, or if you are already entered, update your information. If there are other persons you feel would be relevant additions to the contact list, please adding them too.


  • Adding yourself or another new contact is simply a matter of filling in the appropriate fields in a web-based form and clicking "submit" when you have finished. TRIG will inform you if you have omitted any important or required fields after you click submit, and you may have to edit the record and click "submit" again after you have entered everything correctly.
  • If you are already listed as a "TRIG Contact", you can edit or update your info by clicking on your name, then clicking on the "Edit" tab which should appear under your name (title of the content), and adding or updating information in each field. Complete the edit process by scrolling to the bottom of the page and pushing "Submit".

Organizations and Agencies

Please review the Organizations page. This page is intended to be a clear listing of data and content contributors, as organizations, rather than people. This list also consolidates those agencies that have a stake in the Truckee River watershed and are associated with it in some capacity. If your organization indeed has data, maps, and/or other content to contribute, please add it to this list. Note that adding organization content is very similar to adding person content. We look forward to talking with you about your content and uploading it to TRIG.


Most content added to TRIG are classified generically as "resources." Resources can be a .pdf file, an Excel spreadsheet, a website link to another important resource (or online data), a GIS Layer, or a news-worthy item.

One creates all types or resources the same way, that is, click on "Create content" and select "resource." When you create a resource, you can optional add a resource provider. This list of resource provides is simply the list of organizations and agencies that were discussed above. Next you are required to enter a resource type from the pull-down list. This selection determines where on the TRIG website the resource content will be displayed. The possible option include: docs and reports, news and annoucements, GIS and Mapping, Online Data, and other WWW resources (the last being the category which you place resources that don't fit into any other category). After you choose a resource type, you can assign (optional) keywords, called tags. This further classifies the content added, and clicking on the tag as you are viewing the content will display all content that has included that tag (or keyword). The technical term for such a list of keywords is called a "controlled vocabulary" and the content managers of the site will ensure this list is streamlined.


Click on the Bibliography (under the Online Resources heading) to see a listing of publication citations (journal, book chapters, reports). This list may be sorted by Author, Type, Year, or Title by simply clicking on that word at the top next to "Sort by:". Some referencs include abstracts, and where we have received permission, we have linked to the actual .pdf. To open a reference, simply click on the title of the reference. If you have other bibliography entries to add, click on "Create content" and add the necessary fields. Note that you must first select a publications type as the fields change based on the type.

Digital Images and Photos

The TRIG "Image Gallery" is contains albums and sub-albums that organize the digital photos. To view the albums, click on the album you wish to open by clicking on the corresponding picture; sub-albums open the same way.

One of the benefits from such an album is to consolidated and organize photos for the entire Truckee Watershed, and provide access to them from a single website. Since photos are released under a Creative Commons license, other may freely use these photos so long as they give credit to the photographer and the website.

Online Data

There are two types of online data on TRIG. One is data that is added as resources (described above) and the other is data which is uploaded via the specialized data access moduled (called SODA: Semantic Online Data Access). This module provides an online query form where one can select the desired parameters (constituents), provide a data range, and the collection station, and expect a file (.csv, comma seperated values) that can subsequently be brought into any statistical package for further analysis and study. This modules is still being perfected, so this part of the website is still fairly raw.

If you have any suggestions or feedback to this online data section, we would welcome your input.

If you more questions than are available here, you can visit the "TRIG" tab at the top of this page for more presentations and tutorial information, or please contact us using the web-based form. Thank you!