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Chalk Creek Watershed Studies

This project listed includes monitoring of Chalk Creek for TDS, N and P; Watershed Characterization performed by JBR consultants, Technical treatment feasibility performed by EcoLogic Inc, and Community Outreach completed by Olsen & Associates.

Attached find the JBR Characterization split into three pieces.

Attached find the Olsen Chalk Creek Watershed Survey and Results after community feedback and collation, as well as the Reno-Gazette Journal article resulting as community outreach.

Chalk Creek Watershed Characterization_1 65.pdf24.36 MB
Pages from Pages from Chalk Creek Watershed Characterization_66 106-2.pdf12.85 MB
Pages from Chalk Creek Watershed Characterization_107 189.pdf11.23 MB
chalk ck survey.doc101.5 KB
rgj 072109 article.pdf2.45 MB
Recap_outreach_final.pdf278.99 KB
Chalk Creek ecologic.pdf1.61 MB
Chalk Creek Pilot wetland report 041111.pdf27.43 MB