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The Nature Conservancy McCarran Ranch / Truckee River Pilot Restoration Project

The pilot project will restore approximately 1 mile of channel by raising the bottom and narrowing the width from roughly 200 to 120 feet. Before being straightened in 1962 as part of a flood control project, the channel at McCarran Ranch averaged 75 feet in width. As a result of the alterations in 1962 the channel has entrenched downward by roughly 3 feet, causing groundwater to drop beyond the reach of river-side vegetation. The restored channel will reconnect the river to the floodplain. The pilot will also create rearing ponds for threatened Western Pond Turtles and Leopard Frogs. Two wetland areas will be constructed and over 15 acres of floodplain will be revegetate with native willow, cottonwood and other plants.