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Truckee River Coordinated Monitoring Programs

The objectives of this Truckee River Coordinated Monitoring Program effort are to:

  • Increase communication and coordination of Truckee River monitoring efforts among the signatories;
  • Identify and implement opportunities for the development, use, and sharing of physical, chemical, and biological data and information among signatories, other interested parties, and the public;
  • Promote and encourage opportunities to engage in coordinated monitoring efforts to improve efficiency, maximize and leverage resources and prevent duplication of efforts;
  • Develop robust data that may facilitate identification of problems and promote the protection of the Truckee River;
  • Promote sound quality assurance and quality control practices to ensure the collection of reliable and useful environmental data, and to work toward creating consistency in data collection methodologies where appropriate; and
  • Provide accurate, clear and understandable environmental monitoring information for the Truckee River to the public.

The Compendium listed below has content current to December 2010. This was the original document drafted by facilitators of the CMP working group.  Also find below the cross-linked sample sites table, compiled to eliminate confusion caused by different names for the same sites. Please also find the monitoring locations maps for collaborators, with river miles depicted throughout the watershed.  These maps were provided by Washoe County GIS staff, and the collaborating entities greatly appreciate their efforts provided for the greater good.

Truckee River Coordinated Monitoring Program - A Compendium of Monitoring Activities of the Resource Management Organizations DRAFT. December 1, 20104.77 MB
Coordinated Monitoring Program Sample Sites Table (current as of October 12, 2010)15.91 KB
Monitoring Locations on the Truckee River and Tributaries Downstream of Vista (current as of August 3, 2010)522.92 KB
Monitoring Locations on the Truckee River and Tributaries Upstream of Vista (current as of August 3, 2010)773.54 KB