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Truckee River Third-Party Nutrient WQS and TMDL Review

To protect beneficial uses on the Truckee River, there is a regulatory framework in place which sets standards for water quality in the mainstem Truckee, called Water Quality Standards, and then Total Maximum Daily Load.
The water quality standards review on the Truckee River is underway, to account for additional data, methodologies, and incorporating water quality models that most accurately depict conditions on the Truckee. Once the Water Quality Standards (WQS) are accepted by stakeholders and the State of Nevada at a 2014 State Environmental Commission meeting, the group anticipates moving forward with reviewing the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) set in place on the lower Truckee River.
Limnotech has been working to calibrate the Watershed and Water Quality models, and we have documents - both technical documents and powerpoint presentations - available for public review. Please refer to categories below to understand the process underway.

o Models - Truckee River Water Quality Models (links to the two original calibration reports and the new model update report).

o 11-2-2011 - Focus Stakeholder Workshop #1 – PowerPoint presentations, WQS fact sheet distributed during the meeting

o 12-14-2011 - Focus Stakeholder Workshop #2 – PowerPoint presentations

o 7-17-2013 - Focus Stakeholder Workshop #3 – PowerPoint presentation

o Additional - TMDL Resources (items already in TRIG)