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Lower Truckee River Bioassessment Symposium - 2009. #1

NDEP presents: the LTR Bioassessment Symposium, held at DRI on January 5-6, 2009. Click on title for expanded view; please find the first 4 power point presentations attached and available for download below. Included are presentations by Sertic, Mosley, Leppo and Davis on NDEP monitoring, PLPT Bioassessment, IBI development for the Truckee, Carson, and Walker Rivers, and Periphyton, respectively.

Sertic_TR Bioassessment Symposium Jan 09.ppt1.94 MB
PLPT BA presentation 01.02.09.ppt5.27 MB
Erik NV MMI 20090105.ppt2.59 MB
LTR Bioass Periphyton C. Davis.zip7.65 MB