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TMWRF River monitoring grab samples

TMWRF has collected grab samples from locations on the mainstem Truckee River above and below the treatment plant, and on Steamboat Creek and North Truckee Drain (two significantly loading tributaries), testing for a host of analytes, since 1985. The metadata attachment sheet holds descriptions of the methods used and PQL's for each method.
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Date Range: 
1985-04-22 - 2014-12-31

Grab samples are currently taken at various locations on the Truckee River mainstem and tributaries including North Truckee Drain and Steamboat Creek.  River sample locations are: East McCarran Bridge, Lockwood, Tracy/Old Clark Bridge, Derby Dam and Painted Rock.  As of May 2012  parameters have been reduced and Wadsworth and Nixson sites are no longer being monitored by TMWRF.

Specific Locations include the following:
#3 at East McCarren bridge, grabs taken on the downstream side of bridge. 39 deg/ 31'02" x 119 deg 44'23"
#4 Below Lockwood at the old bridge for grab samples, taken downstream of bridge. 39 deg/ 30'33" x 119 deg 38'58"
#5 Old Clark bridge at USA Parkway, grabs taken on the downstream side of bridge. 39 deg. 33'80" x 119 deg 29'29"

Date Range: 1985 - 03/2014.

Trig data 85 to 07-12.xls966.5 KB
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TR-TMWRF-sites-2014-Jan-Feb.xlsx63.88 KB
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