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Washoe County 208 Water Quality Management Plan

Introduction: Section 208 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) requires planning and management of all sources of water pollution and defines the parameters for area-wide wastewater treatment management plans. This update of the Washoe County 208 Water Quality Management Plan (208 Plan) revises the 1994 208 Plan Amendment to address effects of recent Truckee Meadows Service Area (TMSA) boundary adjustments, continuing growth and development in the area, and to provide water quality planning to a horizon year of 2030. Updated aspects of the plan include the 208 planning area boundaries, water quality of surface and groundwater systems, population and wastewater flow projections, wastewater treatment systems, point and non-point source management, water reclamation, agency coordination, and overall water quality planning.
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Washoe County

208 Water Quality

Management Plan

Adopted by the
Regional Planning Governing Board May 10, 2007

Certified by the
State of Nevada, Department of Conservation and
Natural Resources, Division of Environmental Protection October 23, 2007

Approved by the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 October 31, 2007