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This Coordinated Monitoring Program (CMP) is the result of the contributions of staff members from City, District, County, State, Federal, and Tribal resource agencies engaged in the management and restoration of the Truckee River from its headwaters at Lake Tahoe to its terminus at Pyramid Lake. This document could not have been completed without the many hours each agency contributed gathering and submitting information, responding to surveys, attending workshop meetings, and reviewing work products. Much of the information exchange for the documents included took place during a series of six meetings that brought regulators, dischargers, and non-profit organizations to the table to realize a common goal of assuring the health of one of Nevada’s most precious resources. These meetings helped build lasting bridges necessary for successful, coordinated management of the Truckee River.

Individual group members associated with preparation of the document are listed in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Group contact information in Section 1.2. All MOU Group members made significant contributions to this document; however, it took a core group of dedicated proponents of the Coordinated Monitoring Program to initiate and sustain the process. In particular, the authors wish to acknowledge the energy and commitment of Lynell Garfield and Terri Svetich with the City of Reno who helped form the group, managed the contract, and have sustained its momentum; John Buzzone and Christian Kropf with Washoe County for their vision to start this process and the resources they committed to back that vision; Toby Ebens with the City of Sparks, and Birgit Widegren with Nevada Division of Environmental Protection for keeping the process on track. Dan Mosley of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe deserves recognition because he has done so much work on the Truckee River and had much information and insight to convey. Special thanks go to Alan McKay for taking the time to lead a tour of Truckee River sampling locations, which provided valuable ground truth to the CMP, and for his arranging use of the beautiful facilities at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) where many of our productive meetings took place. DRI has also provided valuable on-going monitoring data on the Truckee River that is a valuable resource for tracking long term water quality trends. Finally, many thanks to Gregg Bryden of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants for managing the project and facilitating meetings and Candice Siwarga of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants for organizing the flood of documents and information from the group, keeping the meetings on track, and following up on action items documented in her attentive meeting notes.

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) provided funding for the facilitation and preparation of this CMP through a NV Clean Water Act Section 319(h) grant from the EPA.

The referenced documents and data in this CMP are current as of June 2011.