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This Truckee River Coordinated Monitoring Program document exists as a project within TRIG, with links to downloadable files including this CMP document, maps with the CMP monitoring locations, and a CMP monitoring location table with information for each monitoring location including lead organization and parameters measured. The TRIG project element also enables dynamic linkage with sampling locations on TRIG, enabling viewing with an interactive map. It is the intent of the MOU Group that documents provided by individual members be self-maintained when they become outdated. Currently this occurs when downloadable files in the TRIG CMP project are updated, added or deleted or when linked sampling locations are changed. TRIG enables modification of all project elements, maintains records of these changes, and archives previous document versions.

The next step in the integration of the CMP and TRIG will be to upload the CMP document itself to TRIG such that individual elements of the document will be updatable. This will enable a “snapshot” of the CMP document or elements therein to be downloaded at any given time with the most up-to-date information. For example, Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs) from each MOU member conducting routine monitoring are provided in Appendix B.  If an MOU member updates their SAP, they would upload the new plan to TRIG, and because it is in the same location, links in the CMP would continue to point to the new SAP. TRIG would continue to maintain and archive the records of revisions and track when these revisions were done and by which user.