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Next Steps for Implementation of the CMP

To fully implement the goals of the CMP, some additional integration with TRIG is necessary. Issues that require resources and further planning include:

  • Providing more information to help users upload data to TRIG. This could include putting a help button on each web page that provides a menu of help steps for data uploading, such as creating a project area, uploading project data, formatting data for SODA uploads, account set up and maintenance.

  • Preparing example SODA templates for monitoring data that could be customized for individual users, this might include an example field data collection template (temperature, D.O., specific conductance, turbidity, pH) and a template for biological monitoring indices data that meets the basic standards described in Section

  • Holding periodic training workshops on TRIG data uploads and queries targeted to MOU groups and other entities generating and using data (e.g., the Truckee River Symposium).

  • Define when and how to retire sampling locations. What period of time should elapse before a sample location is considered “historical”? Who is responsible for making the decision and having the location removed from current sampling maps and tables?

  • Provide a sample location information form in TRIG that allows a user to define a new sampling location and automatically assigns the next available unique identification number (see section 3.1.1) when a user enters a new sampling location.

  • Consider greater outreach to inform the public of the availability of this information.