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Site Location Numbers

The current sampling locations will be assigned a unique identification number to cross reference maps and tables and to avoid duplication of sample names. The format for the identification numbers for sampling locations on the Truckee River shall be TRNNN, and for all tributaries, just NNN, where NNN are sequentially assigned. Truckee River and tributary numbers will each start with 001. Additional sample locations will be assigned sequentially (regardless of position on the waterbody). When a sample location is retired because it is no longer actively being sampled, the ID will be appended with the letter “H” to indicate it is a historical sampling location (e.g., TR001, when no longer active, would become HTR001).

Figures 4-1 and 4-2 are maps that have been developed to supplement this CMP. These maps provide an overall view of all current monitoring locations. Monitoring locations on the Truckee River and its tributaries upstream of Vista (east of Sparks) are included in Figure 4-1, while the Truckee River and tributaries downstream of Vista are found in Figure 4-2. The locations indicated numerically on these maps can be directly associated with the site names, numbers and geographic information presented in Appendix A. Appendix A also includes a cross reference table to historically used names for the same sampling location, and historical sampling locations that are not currently being monitored.

Tributaries to the Truckee River that undergo monitoring at this time are also included in Appendix A. Monitored tributaries to the Truckee River watershed in Nevada and California include Steamboat Creek, Thomas Creek, Whites Creek, Browns Reach of White’s Creek, Alum Creek, Martis Creek and Prosser Creek. Site numbers on Figures 4-1 and 4-2 also correspond to these site numbers.

In addition, Figures 4-3 and 4-4 show the location of historical, sampling locations that are no longer actively monitored.