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Beware of invasive species

By Bruce Ajari
Special to the Bonanza
February 29, 2008

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) recently released a press release regarding its great concern for the New Zealand Mud Snail (NZMS). It is an invasive species that was first found in the Owens River in Mono County in 2000.
Since that time the tiny invasive snails have been confirmed in numerous other waters within California. According to DFG Invasive Species Coordinator, Susan R. Ellis, “New Zealand mud snails are just one of the many non-native invasive species that are impacting our natural resources.”

The DFG is appealing to the general public to help prevent further spread of the snails. Anglers and others who frequent California waters are asked to thoroughly clean all gear that comes in contact with the water, prior to moving to another location. In addition, individuals who are visiting state fish hatcheries should be careful to remove waders that have been in contact with affected waters before entering hatchery grounds.

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