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Truckee River Sedimentation Study

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Government Report



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Abstract : A numerical sedimentation model study (TABS-1) was conducted to develop a sedimentation model that could be used to investigate the impact of Truckee River channel modification on sedimentation. Sediment transport theory was combined with evidence developed from field reconnaissance to quantify the bed load inflow rating curve for the Truckee River at Reno, NV. The existing condition TABS-1 sedimentation analysis of the Truckee River indicates that channel adjustment occurs throughout the design flood hydrograph. Due to sediment inflow to the project reach, continued channel adjustment for the project condition could be expected. In order to quantify the channel adjustment for project conditions, a sediment transport model for project conditions should be developed. The TABS-1 model developed in this study to address existing condition sediment transport through the project reach could be modified to simulate project conditions.... Channel sedimentation, TABS-1 Modeling system, Numerical model, Truckee River, Sediment transport.

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