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Nevada River Chronology Publication Series

This river chronology is intended to provide a background document and reference resource of Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River Basins. It is organized into several parts, including: (1) an introduction; (2) an overview of the basin and its geographic, hydrologic, and socioeconomic characteristics; (3) a detailed chronology of the pre-twentieth century; (4) a detailed chronology of the twentieth century; (5) references; and (6) river flow schematic diagrams depicting important hydrologic features and U.S. Geological Survey stream flow gaging stations of the Upper Truckee River Basin and the Lower Truckee River Basin. The dates and happenings in this chronology represent our best knowledge of the sequence of important events pertaining to the Truckee River Basin, Lake Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Truckee River, that river's tributaries, storage lakes, reservoirs, and diversions, Pyramid Lake, water diversions from the lower Truckee River at Derby Dam for the Newlands Irrigation Project, and related water supply, water quality, environmental and fishery issues. Should you have information in conflict with these dates and/or events, or knowledge of additional events with respect to this water basin which you deem to be important in this regard, please contact:

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