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Pyramid Lake Fisheries

Pyramid Lake, famous for its Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT) fishery, is located about 35 miles northeast of Reno on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation. Pyramid Lake covers approximately 112,000 acres on land and is 350 feet at its deepest point. Pyramid is a "high desert" lake (elevation 3,817 feet), and after travelling through the desert to its end, the water is about 1/6 as salty as sea water.

Pyramid Lake contains two fish species on the federal threatened & endangered species list: the Lahontan Cutthroad Trout, and the ancient Cui-ui. The lake is flanked on the east and west by rugged mountain ranges, and around the lake shore there are many large "tufa" rock formations (formed by calcium carbonate deposits).

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