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Sustainable Infrastructure for Water & Wastewater

Energy and Water: EPA site for information regarding:

Reducing climate impacts, saving money, and saving water – these are the goals of projects and programs that exploit the nexus between energy use and water use. Identifying approaches to integrate energy efficient practices into the daily management and long-term planning of the water sector also contribute to the long-term sustainability of water infrastructure by reducing operation costs and adding to a utility’s bottom line. This page provides information on a number of activities EPA is supporting to improve energy efficiency at water utilities across the country.

On this webpage, find:
Basic Information
How much energy do drinking water and wastewater utilities use?
Does energy efficiency save money?
Does water efficiency save energy?
Benchmarking Energy Use at Utilities
Managing to Maximize Energy Efficiency
On-site Energy Generation
Auxiliary and Supplemental Power
Paying for Energy Efficiency
State Efforts to Promote Energy Efficiency