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Lynell Garfield

Virginia Lake Water Quality Data for improvement projects

Datasets shown were gathered by the City's Hydrologist, Ecological Research Associates, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and MaxDepth Aquatics.
Analyses were provided by the TMWRF lab, Sierra Environmental Monitoring, and Ecoanalysts.
For project description and other background information, please visit the project website. http://www.truckeeriverinfo.org/project/virginia-lake-water-quality-improvement-project

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The return of the giant cutthroat trout: Anglers and conservationists celebrate as Nevada's state fish returns to ancient spawning ground

Conservation of historical fishes in Pyramid Lake are showing fantastic signs of success. Read article below.
July 10, 2014 5:00AM ET
by Nate Schweber @nateschweber
for Aljazeera America

Cooperative mainstem lower Truckee WQ program

To what extent is there excess sediment in the Middle Truckee River that impairs aquatic life use?

Provide Biological Guidance for Sediment TMDL: Define deposited sediment guidelines for monitoring, protecting, and improving the biological health of the Middle Truckee River.
Describe patch-scale distribution of fine + sand (FS) deposits along the river at representative reaches below tributary stream confluences
Collect data to measure biotic responses and limiting effects of sediment at the patch-scale for both cover and volume of FS
Compare biological health to other large rivers of eastern Sierra that are less developed than MTR

Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway Map 2013

2004 – 2025 Washoe County Comprehensive Regional Water Management Plan


For decades, entities involved with water issues in the Truckee Meadows have recognized a need to develop a plan for water supply, wastewater management, storm water drainage and flood control using a regional approach.

Mogul Creek research study

Somersett's Weir'd Stream, A Study." This study was completed by UNR Ecohydrology students working under Mark Walker's supervision. Data gathered and assessed include: conditions, slope, UTM, rate of discharge, water quality, and physical characteristics.

Alum Creek Research Project

Nevada DEP listed Alum Creek as impaired in the 2006 draft NV 303(d) list. The Truckee Meadows Watershed Committee (www.tmstormwater.com) has assessed this tributary of the Truckee River in years past, noting tremendous scour and erosion events with stormwater flows. The City of Reno began collaborating with the Caughlin Ranch Homeowners Association and Nevada State Lands to evaluate land use that may be contributing to the watershed issues. Mark Walker of UNR and UNCE, worked with these partners as well as the TMWRF laboratory for sample analysis, and began field assessments with EcoHydrology students to develop an understanding of impairments on Alum Creek. This presentation is the result of the study, and if possible, data will be contributed to NDEP for use in the 303(d) process.

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