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Rapid Creek Research

Truckee River Water Chemistry Synoptic Study

Prepared by
Carollo Engineers with Assistance from Rapid Creek Research

As part of the Truckee River watershed Coordinated Monitoring Program (CMP), intensive monitoring of Truckee River water quality was conducted in November 1998 with participation from many of the resource agencies in the area. The purposes of this report are to present the objectives of this study, summarize sampling protocols and laboratory procedures, present the data collected, and provide a brief discussion on the results and recommendations for future synoptic studies.

Memo: Data availability for modeling water quality on the Truckee River

Written By

J.T. Brock
Rapid Creek Research

Prepared For

Carollo Engineers
Walnut Creek, California
Reno/Sparks/Washoe Co. Truckee River Project


This document provides a description of data available to support water quality modeling in the Truckee River Basin (DSAMMt model). Conditions within the Truckee Basin have changed considerably throughout the 19th century (beaver importation, riparian tree removal, channelization, flow diversion for agriculture, flood control, Marble Bluff Dam, grazing, flow augmentation, riparian restoration, etc.). Future changes are expected associated with river operations, flood control, and channel restoration. Although it is one of the better studied rivers in the world, there are significant gaps in our knowledge of the system.

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