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Washoe County Department of Water Resources

Watershed Monitoring Locations: all agencies

PDF of monitoring map created by combining all known sampling locations by agencies between Tahoe City and Pyramid Lake.

Truckee Meadows Storm Water Sampling Program

Please reference documents listed here (posted in Project section) - for each time series of data collection:
2004 Sampling & Analysis Plan (SAP) describes the program from 2004 through 2009.
2010 SAP describes program data from January 2011-December 2012.
2012 SAP is posted, which describes the program and data collected from January 2013-December 2013,
2013 Addenda to the 2012 SAP, which describes changes to the 2012 SAP, effective January 2014.
Find the Sampling & Analysis Plans at this link: http://www.truckeeriverinfo.org/project/truckee-meadows-regional-storm-water-management-program

Washoe County DWR Creek Monitoring Data

Reporting Limits for Sampled Constituents: Total Coliform -- 1 mpn/100 mL E.coli -- 1 mpn/100 mL Turbidity -- 0 NTU Total Organic Carbon (TOC) -- 1.0 mg/L ** See attached PDF for specifications and limits of water quality parameters collected in the field with YSI 556 multimeter. (Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). ** Please note: pH readings do exhibit some outliers due to malfunctioning pH probe. Analytical Method: Total Coliform & E. coli by MPN, TOC, turbidity. 2005-2008.

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