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Special Studies

Alum Creek 2014 Water Quality Monitoring Project

Working with the Nevada Land Trust and Caughlin Ranch HOA, and a series of stakeholders, Stantec investigated water quality, flow paths, and pollutants of concern in Alum Creek, tributary to the Truckee River. This report reflects data collected June 24 2014-August 12 2014, and suggests projects for further improvements of water quality on Alum Creek.

Virginia Lake Water Quality Improvement Project

Virginia Lake is an urban amenity of 28.5 acres and approximately one mile in circumference, with depths varying from 4-12 feet. Gulls and cormorants have rookeries on the island in the lake, along with other popular resident and migratory waterfowl including canadian geese, ducks, and the lakeside pigeon populations. Recreation at this city park includes active and passive recreation; walking, running, fishing, and birdwatching. The lake has an historic urban fishery enjoyed by residents and visitors, which is supported by trout fish stocking through the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

The flows and watershed:

Thesis - Nutrients, Cormorants, and Rainbow Trout in an Urban Lake, Reno, NV December 2008

This thesis, authored by Tom Skiles and published in December 2008, addresses some issues of Virginia Lake. Because this urban lake is a valuable resource to the residents of the Reno area, results are intended to provide information to those who manage its use and resources. Fish populations and water quality issues are addressed, specifically.


Truckee River Third-Party Nutrient WQS and TMDL Review

To protect beneficial uses on the Truckee River, there is a regulatory framework in place which sets standards for water quality in the mainstem Truckee, called Water Quality Standards, and then Total Maximum Daily Load.
The water quality standards review on the Truckee River is underway, to account for additional data, methodologies, and incorporating water quality models that most accurately depict conditions on the Truckee. Once the Water Quality Standards (WQS) are accepted by stakeholders and the State of Nevada at a 2014 State Environmental Commission meeting, the group anticipates moving forward with reviewing the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) set in place on the lower Truckee River.
Limnotech has been working to calibrate the Watershed and Water Quality models, and we have documents - both technical documents and powerpoint presentations - available for public review. Please refer to categories below to understand the process underway.

Chalk Creek Watershed Studies

This project listed includes monitoring of Chalk Creek for TDS, N and P; Watershed Characterization performed by JBR consultants, Technical treatment feasibility performed by EcoLogic Inc, and Community Outreach completed by Olsen & Associates.

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