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Goals for Data Sharing

The goals of this CMP are very similar to the goals for the TRIG website; to gather as much data as possible from each stakeholder and place it onto the website that is accessible to the stakeholders and the public. The information stored on the website should remain open to all individuals seeking information on the Truckee River, with the exception of potentially sensitive habitat or species data. The open availability of information from all of the Truckee River stakeholders is invaluable in the future for scientific research and understanding of the ecological health of the river and its watershed.

The CMP working group expanded the basic means of sharing data and documents within TRIG. First, the CMP will be housed as a project (projects are explained further in a power point presentation created by Ecological Resource Associates in Appendix E). The CMP will have links to the various appendices created during the CMP process. For example, the “Protocol Summary Spreadsheet,” “Analytical Methods Matrix,” the Truckee River current and historic monitoring site maps, “Truckee River Monitoring Sites Names and Descriptions,” and other data will be available as links to the CMP within TRIG.

There is no minimum threshold as to the amount of data that should be uploaded to TRIG. TRIG was developed to facilitate ease of data additions. Once an account and project is set up, it is very easy to add data, and cumulatively, many small data elements add up to very useful information. The onus is on each stakeholder to take responsibility for their agency/entity and add data and other content to TRIG in accordance with their commitment under the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).