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TRIG Information Exchange

The TRIG website allows any information to be uploaded, available and easily accessible. Data submitted as an excel spreadsheet may be attached to the metadata page for a given data set. Once a regular format is established for the dataset as a template, and each dataset is formatted accordingly, the data may be uploaded to the semantic online data access (SODA) database, in order to be available with other datasets via queries. Instructions on how to set up a TRIG account and upload spreadsheets to TRIG and its SODA are available in Appendix E of this document.

Each stakeholder is encouraged to create an account in TRIG, and begin uploading their data to the website. Many documents that relate to the explanation of the data, the sampling, the QA/QC, techniques, locations, etc. can be uploaded as metadata, simultaneously. These documents are viewed in each data description page, or can also be attached as flat documents for any individual seeking further clarification or information regarding the data.

In order to prepare the information in a manner to which the SODA database can accept monitoring data requires creating a one-time template for each dataset as a spreadsheet with consistent codes and alpha numerical characters in each column and row, to be recognized by SODA. Information on the TRIG database set up and contacts for support are provided in Appendix E and at the TRIG website.