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USDA/USFS Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Imagery Support

The BAER Imagery Support program is a cooperative effort between the USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center and the US Geological Survey Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science. The Centers have teamed up to provide rapid delivery of satellite imagery, Burned Area Reflectance Classifications (BARC), and other geospatial data to Forest Service and DOI BAER teams.

For contact information and further direction, please visit website.

City of Reno, Nevada - Watershed Mapserver


The City of Reno (and the Truckee Meadows Stormwater Committee) has provided watershed assessments as photo-documented field surveys, for the entire Truckee Meadows watershed. These are provided in an interactive mapserver, where you can click on either your region or creek of choice, in the Truckee Meadows. There are photos, descriptions of the creek reach conditions, and recommendations for restoration and watershed protection for each creek posted. Restoration will be an important component of integrated watershed management as our resources come under greater pressure through utilization, and tools are needed to evaluate priority sites to reduce loads of contaminants in the river.

Creeks and their information can be accessed by turning on navigation tools, once within the server. Watershed assessment information may be accessed two ways: through the name of the creek (top of site, choose "select creek") or by geographical area (top of site, choose "select region"). Within each creek page are photos, and by rolling over the blue buttons indicating sites of assessments, you'll uncover textual descriptions of the reaches, and tips for specific ways to restore that creek or protect waterways throughout our watershed.


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  • Unfortunately, this currently only works with IE 6.0 and Microsoft Windows.

USGS Truckee River Gage Stations

This data layer consists of the USGS Surface Water Gage Stations that are located within the study area of the Truckee River Information Gateway (TRIG). The coordinates are taken directly from the USGS station information webpage. The data collected from these gages is used in the sources and loadings analyses component of the TRIG project.

USGS Truckee River Watershed Shapefile

This data is a subset of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) watershed data layer, consisting of the Truckee river Watershed, delineated by Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC). This watershed boundary defines the original study boundary of the TRIG program and associated analyses.

TMWRF - Monitoring Stations Shapefile

This point shapefile shows the sample sites from the ongoing Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility (TMWRF) Truckee River monitoring effort. The shapefile is in GCS_North_American_1983 (latitude-longitude), North American Datum of 1983.

NDEP - Monitoring Stations Shapefile

This point shapefile shows all sample sites from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) compilation of monitoring stations in the Truckee River Basin. This includes NDEP and Desert Research Institute (DRI) monitoring stations, as well as special study and miscellaneous sites. To view long term monitoring sites and special study sites separately, please refer to Maps and GIS section, titled "NDEP Monitoring Sites and Special Sites map images".

This shapefile is in GCS_North_American_1983 (latitude-longitude), North American Datum of 1983.

NDEP - Study Area Waterbodies

This is a polygon shapefile of the waterbodies in the Truckee watershed area. It is a subset of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) shapefile of Nevada waterbodies.

Washoe County's Online Map Warehouse

Online Maps of Washoe County...this is a very interactive site with lots of data! The nature of the huge volume of information here makes the navigation a bit of a process. Upon entering this site, every layer you want to view must be selected, and the direction keys or the hand pulling the map may need to be used to find the area you're looking for.

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